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Salazar names Indian Trust Administration and Reform panel (11/30)
Mark Ratledge: The burial of Elouise Cobell at Blackfeet Nation (11/23)
Letter: Extend deadline to participate in trust fund settlement (11/17)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux man fights Cobell settlement (11/02)
President Obama: Elouise Cobell leaves a strong legacy (10/27)
Rep. Rahall statement on Elouise Cobell in Congressional Record (10/25)
Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council statement on Elouise Cobell (10/19)
Forrest Gerard: Elouise Cobell pursued justice for Indian Country (10/19)
Navajo Nation Council letter to Alvin Cobell and family of Elouise Cobell (10/19)
Gov. Schweitzer statement on the passing of Elouise Cobell (10/18)
Rep. Rehberg statement on the passing of Elouise Cobell (10/18)
Funeral Arrangements for Elouise Cobell, 1945-2011 (10/18)
Native Action Network statement on the passing of Elouise Cobell (10/18)
NCAI President Keel statement on the passing of Elouise Cobell (10/18)
Assistant Secretary Larry Echo Hawk statement on the passing of Elouise Cobell (10/17)
Sen. Johnson statement on the passing of Elouise Cobell (10/17)
Sen. Baucus statement on the passing of Elouise Cobell (10/17)
Rep. Markey statement on the passing of Elouise Cobell (10/17)
NAIHC statement on the passing of Elouise Cobell (10/17)
Secretary Salazar statement on the passing of Elouise Cobell (10/17)
Sen. Harry Reid statement on the passing of Elouise Cobell (10/17)
Sen. Tester statement on the passing of Elouise Cobell (10/17)
President Obama statement on the passing of Elouise Cobell (10/17)
Elouise Cobell, lead plaintiff in Indian trust fund lawsuit, dies at 65 (10/17)
Judge won't require Cobell opponents to post bond for appeals (10/07)
Appeals delay payments in $3.4B Indian trust fund settlement (09/29)
Sen. Reid supports Congressional Gold Medal for Elouise Cobell (09/19)
S.E. Ruckman: Making plans for $3.4B Cobell settlement payout (09/19)
Cobell settlement payments face delay despite speedy appeal (09/15)
Navajo leader criticizes appeals over $3.4B Cobell settlement (09/13)
Letter: Selfish appeal delays $3.4B settlement in Cobell case (09/13)
Appeals delay distribution of $3.4B settlement to Cobell case (09/07)
Bill seeks to award Congressional Gold Medal to Elouise Cobell (09/07)
Appeals planned in $3.4B settlement to Indian trust fund case (09/02)
Cobell trust beneficiaries in Utah urged to watch out for scams (08/30)
BIA holds second consultation on land consolidation in Minnesota (08/17)
BIA took large administrative fee for Quapaw land consolidation (08/05)
Allottee group urges Navajo landowners to file claims for Cobell (08/02)
Claim forms due September 16 for $3.4B trust fund settlement (08/01)
Jodi Rave: Milestone as judge approves $3.4B Cobell settlement (07/25)
Interior Department holds first consultation on land consolidation (07/18)
Opinion: Cobell settlement closes an unsavory chapter in history (07/15)
Interior Department begins consultation for land consolidation (07/14)
Interview with attorney Elliott Levitas about Cobell settlement (07/13)
Secretary Salazar seeks nominations for Indian trust commission (07/07)
Transcript posted from fairness hearing for Cobell trust fund case (07/07)
Ken Salazar: Cobell settlement a big step toward trust reform (06/28)
Letter: Attorneys take excessive fees in trust fund settlement (06/28)
In These Times: Fractionation a big issue in Cobell settlement (06/27)
Upwards of 30K in Arizona to share in $3.4B Cobell settlement (06/27)
WPR: Lac du Flambeau chair hopes BIA improves trust system (06/27)
Editorial: Victory with $3.4B settlement of Indian trust lawsuit (06/27)
Blog: Crime of the century with Indian trust fund management (06/22)
Ben Carnes: Cobell settlement a knife in Indian people's backs (06/22)
NCAI and ATNI back bill to limit Cobell attorney fees to $50M (06/21)
Judge approves $3.4B settlement for Cobell trust fund lawsuit (06/21)
Elouise Cobel statement at fairness hearing for settlement (06/21)
Quapaw Tribe tries to opt out of Cobell trust fund settlement (06/20)
Schedule for fairness hearing for Cobell trust fund settlement (06/20)
Judge to hold fairness hearing for Cobell trust fund settlement (06/17)
DOI consultation meetings on land consolidation start in July (06/14)
DOJ cites Supreme Court case in bid to dismiss Quapaw suit (06/07)
Jerilyn DeCoteau: Cobell settlement just doesn't feel right (06/06)
DOI to announce consultation process on land consolidation (06/02)
Fairness hearing in Cobell settlement scheduled for June 20 (05/26)
Editorial: Genuine concern and admiration for Elouise Cobell (05/20)
Elouise Cobell recovering after 'successful' cancer surgery (05/17)
Elouise Cobell to receive honorary degree from Dartmouth (05/12)
Subpoena seeks documents from Cobell lawyers by May 13 (05/04)
Republicans issue subpoena to attorneys in Cobell litigation (05/03)
Mohawks in Quebec will sit out election season yet again (04/21)
Cobell critic files objection to $3.4B trust fund settlement (04/21)
Lawyer looking for beneficiaries who object to Cobell deal (04/20)
Letter: Cobell settlement isn't 'stalled' over attorney fees (04/18)
Editorial: Withdraw bid for 'exorbitant' Cobell attorney fees (04/13)
Large crowd for Yakama Nation meeting on Cobell settlement (04/12)
Additional meetings scheduled in Indian trust fund settlement (04/11)
Editorial: 'Excessive' request for attorney fees in Cobell case (04/11)
Editorial: Don't let attorney fee dispute derail Cobell settlement (04/08)
Cobell plaintiffs oppose Republican bill to restrict attorney fees (04/06)
Audio from House hearing on bill to restrict Cobell attorney fees (04/05)
Rep. Young threatens subpoenas over bill on Cobell attorney fees (04/05)
Witness list for House hearing on bill to cap Cobell attorney fees (04/04)
Rep. Cole questions need for bill to limit Cobell attorney fees (03/31)
April 20 deadline approaching for $3.4B trust fund settlement (03/29)
Subcommittee sets hearing on bill to limit Cobell attorney fees (03/28)
Elouise Cobell discusses settlement at University of Montana (03/24)
Oklahoma beneficiaries question payment to Cobell attorneys (03/23)
S.E. Ruckman: Indian beneficiaries look for answers on Cobell (03/21)
United Keetoowah Band assists members in Cobell settlement (03/18)
Michael Roberts: Investing Cobell money in Indian institutions (03/18)
Lawyers in Cobell case discuss $3.4B settlement in Oklahoma (03/17)
Special Trustee post stays vacant pending resolution of Cobell (03/16)
So far, a few beneficiaries have opted out of Cobell settlement (03/16)
Cherokee Nation estimates 1700 might benefit from Cobell deal (03/14)
J.D. Colbert: Cobell attorney fee request a sign of greed, betrayal (03/11)
Rep. Gosar signs onto bill to restrict Cobell attorney fees to $50M (03/11)
Cobell team to hold meetings in Oklahoma to discuss settlement (03/10)
Cobell attorneys say fee request not a big issue in Indian Country (03/09)
Bill to cap Cobell attorney fees to $50M referred to committees (03/08)
Cobell attorneys criticize Republican bill to restrict fees to $50M (03/04)
House Republicans plan bill to limit Cobell attorney fees to $50M (03/02)
DOJ opposes incentive payment for Cobell and named plaintiffs (03/02)
Key deadline approaching for beneficiaries to Cobell settlement (03/01)
Vi Waln: Questions remain about $3.4B Indian trust settlement (02/28)
Dorgan calls Cobell attorney fee request for $223M 'shameful' (02/25)
Editorial: Lawyers the true beneficiaries in Indian settlements (02/25)
Cobell attorneys face criticism over request for $223M in fees (02/24)
Elouise Cobell discusses Indian trust settlement in New Mexico (02/10)
Elouise Cobell in New Mexico to discuss $3.4B trust fund settlement (02/08)
Elouise Cobell to visit Navajo Nation to talk about $3.4B settlement (02/04)
Cobell attorneys detail request for $223M fees for 14 years of work (02/02)
Cobell team holding meetings across Indian Country for settlement (02/02)
Notification process begins for $3.4B Indian trust fund settlement (01/27)
Notification process begins this week for $3.4B Cobell settlement (01/18)
Elouise Cobell provides update for trust fund settlement process (01/05)
Attorney fees an issue as Cobell settlement moves ahead in court (01/04)
Shoshone-Bannock landowner not optimistic on trust reform at DOI (01/03)
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