Enron / Andersen hearings kick off
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Two Congressional committees on Thursday held hearings into the fall of energy giant Enron Corp., the most exciting being the one into shredding which occurred at accounting firm Arthur Andersen.

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce kicked of the affair with member after member criticizing Andersen's practices. Once the floor turned to the witnesses, one of them -- the fired lead auditor David B. Duncan -- invoked his constitutional right not to incriminate himself.

The others, all still employed by Andersen, sat for the next four and one-half hours or so as they were grilled on exactly what they knew, when they knew it and how they found out. Questioning was heated at times, with some members pointedly telling Andersen counsel Nancy Temple just to respond with "yes" or "no" answers instead of trying to explain herself.

The witnesses were told they might be called back for further proceedings.

The Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs, meanwhile, focused on regulatory issues surrounding Enron's bankruptcy. Suggestions were made on how to change government securities laws and accounting standards.

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