Carcieri launches two probes into smokeshop raid
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Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri (R) on Tuesday ordered two probes into the state police's raid on the smokeshop owned by the Narragansett Tribe.

One is internal state trooper probe. Carcieri said he wants to know why his orders to avoid conflict were seemingly ignored during Monday's raid.

Second, Carcieri will create an independent panel to review the incident and make recommendations. There is no indication whether any tribal representatives, tribal leaders or Indian law experts will be on the panel.

In discussing the raid yesterday, Carcieri appeared to soft criticism of the tribe. Earlier, he had directly blamed Chief Sachem Matthew Thomas, who was among those arrested, for the violence.

Col. Steven M. Pare, superintendent of the state police, told The Providence Journal that tribal members provoked the troopers' response. He called the selling of tax-free cigarettes a criminal action.

Carcieri, Thomas and other state and tribal officials had met on Sunday to talk about the smokeshop, The Journal reported. Carcieri said he would consider entering into a tobacco tax compact -- if the tribe closed the facility. Thomas wanted Carcieri to drop his opposition to putting a vote on a proposed casino before state voters.

The dispute heads to two courtrooms today. The state is in state court to seek an injunction against the tribe while the tribe is in federal court to stop the state. Both hearings are occuring at 9 a.m.

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