Jodi Rave Lee: Native student deserves honors

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MONDAY, JULY 14, 2003

"Codah Gatewood stands apart.

Place him among a cultural cornucopia of youths -- white, black, Asian, Hispanic or Native -- and he remains distinctive.

While most of us dream of great personal accomplishments, he set a goal, then soared to meet it.

He graduated with a 4.0 grade-point average this spring from Lincoln High School. He amassed enough firepower as an outstanding student to win the honor of being named a Gates Millennium Scholar in June.

The prestigious national scholarship assures financial backing for his college studies. It's awarded to high-achieving non-white students.

Codah, a Navajo youth and citizen of the Dine Nation, also has more immediate tribal roots to the Great Plains. He was raised among his mother's tribe, the Omaha Nation in northeast Nebraska.

It's a tradition of which he's proud. He said everyone in his high school knew he was Native because he told them."

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Jodi Rave Lee (The Lincoln Journal Star 7/13)