Schwarzenegger seeks endorsement from Calif. tribes
Friday, September 12, 2003

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the leading Republican in California's recall election, says he wants to be endorsed by tribes. But he doesn't want them to pay for it.

Schwarzenegger told The San Bernardino Sun that he "always had a good relationship" with tribes. While campaigning for a state initiative to to fund after-school programs, he took money from tribes.

But Schwarzenegger says he won't take money for his governor's campaign. "I want to have their endorsement, I want their support. But I don't want them to pay for it," he told the paper.

Until now, Schwarzenegger never mentioned that he worked with tribes. "We were good folks to come to for Proposition 49," David Baron from the Barona Band of Mission Indians told The Los Angles Times. "But now that he is running for election to a statewide office, we are taboo. It is a little odd."

Schwarzenegger has upset some tribal leaders by characterizing tribes as "special interests."

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