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Opinion: North Dakota election may impact future for 'Redskins'

"Washington Redskins fans who treasure their team’s nickname may want to cast their eyes westward tonight as North Dakotans vote on whether to preserve their team’s own divisive mascot.

Measure 4 in North Dakota is one of the most significant developments in the decades-long controversy over American Indian mascots used by colleges and pro sports teams.

The University of North Dakota’s “Fighting Sioux” nickname — which has long been controversial but now risks financial and competitive sanctions from the NCAA — will face a rare public referendum in what has been a lengthy and ongoing process.

The Sioux nickname, much like the Redskins, is viewed as an especially derogatory reference to American Indians (“Sioux” translates to “snake”). But also like the Redskins, the school’s mascot has a loyal fanbase who can’t imagine their team called anything else. "

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Aaron Blake: Redskins fans may want to keep an eye on North Dakota tonight (The Washington Post 6/12)

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