Opinion: Cheryl Seidner, ex-Wiyot chair, a trustworthy leader

"I had the opportunity while serving as the mayor of Eureka to work with many people on various projects. One of my most positive experiences was with Cheryl Seidner, then chairwoman of the Wiyot tribe and current candidate for 1st District Supervisor. The Wiyots had raised funds to purchase a piece of Indian Island, once a sacred site and location of the infamous Indian massacre of 1860. Cheryl approached me about having the city return another portion to the tribe. I was happy to facilitate this project, and the city council approved it unanimously. Throughout the project, Cheryl was a pleasure to work with. She showed vision, leadership and strong cooperation. Her approach was “what can we do for the city to help this along?” Cheryl was passionate about this project but remained a good listener, open to ideas, and willing to work together with council members and city staff.

Cheryl is not only an effective leader and visionary, she is also a steward for sustainable uses of our natural resources. The tribe's clean up of the Indian Island site is designed to protect Humboldt Bay. She views the rivers and bay as precious resources that must be taken care of, rather than exploited. She would like to see practical uses of Humboldt Bay that will preserve it for generations to come. She believes that local economic growth can occur without destroying our natural resources. "

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Peter LaVallee: Cheryl Seidner is a leader we can trust (The Eureka Times-Standard 5/16)

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