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Native News Network: Tribal store was selling outdated meat

"Last Friday, May 4, Indian Health Service had the Sioux Nation Superstore close down its meat department after it discovered the grocer was selling outdated meat. A customer of the store complained after discovering spoiled ground beef and called the tribal health and human services committee, which, in turn called in Indian Health Service.

Every tenth day of the month is food stamp day on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Today is the tenth and the Sioux Nation Superstore in Pine Ridge will be back selling fresh meat, which was not the case when it was ordered to stop selling meat.

Sioux Nation Superstore is the only moderate-sized grocery store on Pine Ridge. The next closest grocery store is in Rapid City, some 120 miles away. Sioux Nation Superstore is operated by Cohn Wholesale Fruit and Grocery, Inc., based in San Diego, California. It leases the store from the Oglala Sioux Nation."

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Shut Down for Spoiled Meat Sioux Nation Grocer Reopens Meat Counter (Native News Network 5/10)

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