Oliver Semans: Border 'security' bill a major threat to tribes

"Recent action taken in the U.S. House of Representatives on H.R. 1505, the National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act (should be called “Federal Land Grab”) and the actions taken by Montana senator Jon Tester and President Obama made me think about the stark contrast on how the elected officials deal with Indian tribes.

As the executive director of Four Directions, I feel that for the sake of our treaties and sovereignty we need ensure those individuals seeking office that do not respect Tribal positions must receive opposition in their efforts to gain these offices and that can be done through the power of voting. Below is another example of those elected officials who do not respect Tribes and those elected officials who do.

The sponsors of H.R. 1505 Representative Rob Bishop, a Republican of Utah District 1 as well as 54 other representatives’ cosponsors, want to give the U.S. Department of Homeland Security unprecedented power to build roads, fences, buildings, or even watchtowers on public land administered by the Departments of Interior and Agriculture."

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