Opinion: Tribes still have a right to govern their own affairs

"In a ruling that I’ve followed closely because of my interest in the short-term cash advance industry, a Colorado court has sided with Native American tribes allowing them immunity to subpoenas issued by the state Attorney General. This is, of course, the absolute correct decision. Native American tribes are sovereign nations. Just as I support their right to build casinos and govern their own affairs, I also support their right to operate short-term cash advance businesses over the internet – regardless of who they choose to partner with. I also support the right of any individual to choose their own source of short-term credit, whether it be at a storefront in a state or over the internet.

Oh, wait, I buried the lead. It’s back there in the phrase, “govern their own affairs”."

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Lawrence Myers: Native Americans Get the Last Laugh on Government Regulation (Big Government 2/18)

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