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Kimberly Yellow Robe: Medicare program offers 'Extra Help'

"Medicare is an important benefit—if you have this card, you will want to consider participating in the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program.

In 2003, Congress passed the Medicare Modernization Act, or MMA. Its major provision is the prescription drug plan. MMA provides for extra help with prescription drug costs, in the way of subsidies to low income Medicare beneficiaries.

The subsidies will help Indian Health Service, Tribal and Urban Health facilities pay the costs of providing prescription drugs for their clients. When funds are reimbursed for Medicare prescription drug beneficiaries, there will be more funds available for these healthcare facilities to provide other vital services.

Every individual who qualifies represents an important potential benefit to our tribal communities. Social security is responsible for implementing that benefit; we call it “extra help.” Many Medicare beneficiaries won’t have to file for assistance because they’ll automatically get it based on benefits they receive."

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