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Spirit Lake group warns of consequences over 'Fighting Sioux'

Members of the Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation are warning the University of North Dakota of "severe" consequences for dropping the "Fighting Sioux" nickname and logo.

UND is getting rid of the symbol by the end of the year. The Committee for Understanding and Respect says the decision goes “against our honorable name as given to UND by our ancestors.”

But Frank Black Cloud, a spokesperson for the committee, wouldn't say what consequences the university will face.

“It is something that definitely will let them know we are serious,” Black Cloud told The Grand Forks Herald. “We have several options under consideration, but discussing them now is not appropriate because we want to provide these organizations an opportunity to fully realize the gravity of their situation and reach out to the tribe in a renewed spirit of collaboration.”

Tribal members voted to support the nickname and logo. But the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is on record in opposition.

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