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USDA Blog: Rosebud Sioux Tribe still keeping traditions in mind

"I had the honor and pleasure to tour the Rosebud Sioux Nation in South Dakota. The vast land of the Sicangu Lakota Oyate is rich in natural resources.

Tribal leaders, with support from Sinte Gleska University, demonstrated interest and commitment in further planning and development of these resources in ways that continually improve quality of life, yet are respectful and mindful of their ancestral teachings and cultural traditions.

At the Tribal Council meeting, dialog focused on underutilization of resources such as wind, timber, ranch land and the 27 center pivots owned by the Tribe. Also, issues such as the need for start-up capital, power purchase agreements, new genetics for the buffalo herds, production and marketing expertise, access for rural housing and infrastructure on the Reservation, including a new Tribal Council building, were discussed."

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Edward Avalos: Rosebud Sioux Nation—Expanding Resource Utilization (USDA Blog 9/28)

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