Editorial: Osage Nation shouldn't oppose wind farm proposals

"The Osage Nation has come out against a plan to build wind farms in Osage County.

The main concerns are possible harm to the ecosystem — particularly the Nature Conservancy’s Tallgrass Prairie Preserve — and the effects on future oil and gas drilling in the area.

Two companies, Wind Capital Group of St. Louis and TradeWind Energy of Lenexa, Kan., have announced projects in Osage County. The 150-megawatt TradeWind project would be located about 13 miles west of Pawhuska. The Wind Capital project also would be 150 megawatts and be located west of Pawhuska.

We have to respectfully disagree in part with the Osage Nation on this issue. Creating sustainable forms of energy is a benefit to our state."

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Editorial: Respectful disagreement (The Enid News and Eagle 6/16)

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