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NPR: Quileute Tribe seeks approval to move to safer land

"An Indian tribe in Washington state wants to move its village to higher ground, citing concerns over a possible tsunami from earthquakes around the Pacific Ocean.

But it takes an act of Congress to expand a reservation. So the Quileute tribe is hoping to get the word out — in part by relying on its newfound popularity as a tourist site for fans of the Twilight series of books and movies. In those stories, the Quileute lands are teeming with werewolves.

The Quileute Indian Reservation is all of one square mile. On three sides, it's surrounded by the lush rainforest of Olympic National Park; on the fourth side, it's bounded by the Pacific Ocean.

Quileute elder DeAnna Hobson says she loves living by the water.

"The atmosphere I enjoy living by the ocean is sleeping with my window open to hear the sounds of the ocean," she says.

But the roar of the surf has more ominous dimensions now. Like everyone else, Hobson watched the unforgettable images of destruction from the Japanese tsunami last month."

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U.S. Tribe Cites Tsunami, 'Twilight' In Bid To Expand (NPR 4/26)

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