Letter: Rep. Gallegly plays politics on Chumash land-into-trust

"I read that Congressman Gallegly was very upset at some people for being “too aggressive” in trying to stop him from writing legislation to put 1,400 acres into federal trust for the Chumash.

Here we have tribal Chairman Vincent Armenta proclaiming his tribal nation is a sovereign nation with the right to self-govern, while at the same time entitled to taxpayer subsidies, contribute to politicians, and use hundreds of millions of dollars to buy back and do whatever the tribe wants with the tribe’s native lands — and those of us who oppose this are too aggressive?

The sad truth is that if this land goes into federal trust, anything can be built on it. Bottom line is there is no one to enforce anything on land in trust.

That 1,400 acres is plenty of room for a huge new casino and a golf course. Can you imagine the traffic and accidents on Highway 154?"

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John Jakers: Aggression in tribe plan (The Solvang Valley News 3/24)

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