CNC: 2010 a busy year for American Indian issues in Washington
"One year ago at this time, Congress was in the throes of a partisan fight over health care reform. In March, President Obama signed the overhaul into law, which reauthorizes the Indian Health Care Improvement Act and calls for better health care for Native Americans. One of the law’s champions was North Dakota Senator and Indian Affairs Committee Chairman Byron Dorgan.

DORGAN – “We need to improve diabetes treatment in a very substantial way.”

That was Dorgan back in June speaking at one of many hearings on Indian Country issues. Dorgan is retiring from the Senate this year after holding the top post on the panel since 2007.

DORGAN – “I have been enormously proud to work on Indian Issues.”

And from his perch, Dorgan has helped prioritize Congressional response to problems in Indian Country – including crime. President Obama signed his landmark legislation back in July.

IYOTTE – “The Tribal Law and Order Act will prevent cases like mine from slipping through the cracks.”

That was Lisa Marie Iyotte. She was raped in 1994 and says doctors and law enforcement could have done a much better job at dealing with her case. This month there was another long-awaited triumph for Indian Country."

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