Commission clears store employee for removing Indian customer
The Community Relations Commission in Farmington, New Mexico, won't pursue a discrimination case against a store whose employee removed an Indian customer from the premises.

The girl and her mother complained after they were removed from the store on July 3. "I repeatedly asked (the employee) why she told my daughter to leave," the mother wrote in the complaint, The Farmington Daily Times reported. "As the employee was walking away upstairs she said, We don't need any native with rock T-shirts with mohawks in our family store.'"

The store said the customer was removed for wearing a t-shirt with profanity on it. The girl produced a t-shirt at the commission meeting that did not have curse words but the store produced a similar one that did.

The employee at issue said she did not discriminate against the girl. "I have never said anything racist to anyone in my life. My grandfather was half Indian, so I guess that makes me 1/8 Indian. I certainly am not going to discriminate against my own blood," the employee said in a written document.

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Commission: Business didn't discriminate against girl (The Farmington Daily Times 12/7)