Minnesota bar pulls apology for 'Drink Like an Indian' promotion
A bar in Minnesota has apparently retracted an apology it offered for a promotion that encouraged patrons to "Drink Like an Indian" over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Station 280 on Como distributed fliers and posted an image on Facebook that depicted an intoxicated Indian man and a scantily clad woman dressed up like an Indian. The promotion quickly became controversial.

"It just didn't seem right," Kathy Dickerson, a member of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma, told The St. Paul Pioneer Press."When things come up like that, we have to make sure people understand we're still here, and there's such a thing as cultural sensitivity. ... They had a picture of a woman on there, too. We don't dress like that."

After a flurry of complaints, the bar removed the image and posted an apology on Facebook. But the apology has been deleted, drawing even more angry reactions.

"Apology gone I see! You suck and you knew it was racist and you did not care, you just got pissed when you got called on it," Gypsy Murphy wrote.

"What happened? You posted a public apology and then took it down? Why? Are you ashamed? You should be. We have not forgotten, why did you take it down? Put it back up. Let everyone know that you made a huge mistake," added Setira Dawson.

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