Letter: Outrage against poor 'health care' for Native Americans
"In regard to the happenings at Fort Yuma Health Services, I just have to wonder how this could happen in this day and age? A hospital where the staff members are so lax and so unprofessional that they would put their patients at risk of life-threatening illness? Can you believe that?

Now they say that appropriate measures were taken and the facility is “safe.” My biggest question is what was done? What was done to the staff members who did these things? As far as I know, it has been mandatory to sterilize instruments that would be reused on other patients for a very long time. Isn't that what the autoclave is for?

The information about this incident keeps changing. How can we believe anything they say? Was this a conscious decision to just clean the instruments and not sterilize them in an autoclave? Think about that.

I want to know what they did to ensure something like this never happens again. What was done to the staff members at fault? Were they even reprimanded?"

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Mary Pierce: Outraged about poor quality care (The Yuma Sun 10/23)