News Wrapup: Alaska Federation of Natives opens annual meet
The Alaska Federation of Natives kicked off its annual conference on Thursday in Fairbanks. Here's some of the latest coverage from the event.

"Halt domestic violence. Fix subsistence laws. Increase extracurricular activities to stem suicide rates. Address substance abuse. All angles were pitched at the Alaska Federation of Natives convention, where delegates wrestled Thursday with the question of how rural life can survive myriad challenges.

One suggestion, from 17-year-old Barrow resident Adele Solski, caught a theme connecting other comments. She urged the hundreds in attendance to be mindful of their cultural and traditional roots — but embrace the opportunities offered through access to Alaska’s maturing urban hubs.

“I think it’s important for the youth to step up and want to learn about their culture,” she said."
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AFN’s ‘Village Survival!’ theme attacks problems from many angles (The Fairbanks Daily News Miner 10/22)

"While kuspuks, mukluks and bead work abounded, so did people — and shoppers — making for some happy craftsmen at the Alaska Federation of Natives Arts and Crafts Fair.

Diane and Larry Willard of Ketchikan didn’t even have art. Larry is a seal hunter, and the two sell harbor seal furs and smoked, vacuum-sealed meat.

It was a long trip up for the Willards, who caught a 7 a.m. flight from Anchorage on Thursday morning to make it, even if it meant they had less seal meat to sell."
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Artists, shoppers abound at Native arts and crafts fair (The Fairbanks Daily News Miner 10/22)

The Obama administration has fumbled efforts to fix federal oversight of subsistence hunting and fishing in Alaska, according to a proposed resolution from the Alaska Federation of Natives board of directors.

The federation’s annual convention begins here today, a year after Interior Secretary Ken Salazar told AFN delegates the existing subsistence program is “broken.”"
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Feds have fumbled subsistence fix, AFN leaders say (The Anchorage Daily News 10/21)

"“When I look out there, I see 5,000 stories," Jeanie Greene told the Alaska Federation of Natives crowd moments after winning one of the AFN's top honors.

The federation named the "Heartbeat Alaska" host Citizen of the Year today for a career that’s spanned 20 years of filming life in rural Alaska.

“When I began it was really tough. There was no stories about Natives except the drunks with black eyes in the paper,” she said backstage, holding a headress she was gifted along with the award."
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'Heartbeat' host Jeanie Greene wins AFN's top honor (The Anchorage Daily News 10/21)

"The Alaska Federation of Natives Convention got underway in Fairbanks on Thursday. Thousands of Alaska Native people from all over the state were on hand to hear speeches by government and Native leaders. This year’s convention theme is “Village Survival” and speakers addressed a range of issues straining rural communities. AFN president Julie Kitka addressed the organization’s annual convention this morning. She urged Alaska Natives to craft a plan of action on protecting subsistence rights. She referred to a subsistence resolution to be released Thursday.

Natives can get swept aside by history and be forgotten, Kitka said, or take bold action to achieve their destiny.

“We are unique,” Kitka said, and urged Alaska Natives to work together, rather than remain in isolated pockets around the state."
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‘Village Survival’ is This Year’s AFN Theme [fifth item] (APRN 10/21)

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