Republican lawmaker criticizes $6M for Oklahoma Indian center
A Republican lawmaker says the state of Oklahoma wasted $6 million on the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum.

State Rep. Mike Reynolds (R) said Gov. Brad Henry (D) could have found better uses for the money, such as for schools or prisons. He also questioned the legality of directing funds to the museum even though it is operated by a state agency.

"I can't think of a worst possible place that the governor could spend $6 million than the tribal cultural center," Reynolds told The Oklahoman.

The center has been in danger of losing funds. Lawmakers have yet to approve a $43 million bond deal for the $177.5 million project.

Construction began in 2006. The 300-acre site will feature a museum, a welcome center and private development.

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Oklahoma lawmaker criticizes governor giving $6 million to Indian center (The Oklahoman 10/7)

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