Navajo Nation chapter claims authority for Shiprock Fair events
The Shiprock Chapter of the Navajo Nation says it will be running all of the events during the 99th annual Shiprock Navajo Fair.

The chapter re-established the Northern Navajo Fair Board and started collecting fees for the October 2 parade. The board now says it will oversee the fair, rodeo, Miss Northern Navajo pageant and other activities during the popular event.

But the non-profit Shiprock Navajo Fair Inc. still maintains control. "We're still going full speed ahead," Charlie Joe, the group's vice president, told The Farmington Daily Times. "There's nothing stopping us."

The Northern Navajo Fair Board says it might have to ask tribal law enforcement to keep the Shiprock Navajo Fair Inc off the 35-acre fairgrounds where the event takes place.

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Shiprock Fair controversy continues (The Farmington Daily Times 9/24)