Native Sun News: Date for Crazy Horse's death an issue of debate
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CRAZY HORSE MEMORIAL, SOUTH DAKOTA –– There is an erroneous date of death for Crazy Horse to be found at Crazy Horse Memorial according to a former employee. He said that this information disseminated at the Memorial reporting that Crazy Horse was killed on September 6, 1877 is false.

Actually Crazy Horse was killed on September 5, 1877 at Camp Robinson near the community of Crawford, Nebraska, according to former Crazy Horse Memorial employee, Donovin Sprague. He said that this falsehood was created to show that the sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski, born on September 6, changed the date of the death of Crazy Horse to coincide with his birthday.

Sprague said that this fictional story is perpetrated in books and videos at the Memorial. He said one of the videos used daily states, “Thus many Native Americans feel that he (Korczak Ziolkowski) was destined to carve the mountain.”

Sprague said, “Your children need to know the truth because the books and video are disseminated throughout schools everywhere.”

Crazy Horse Memorial director Ruth Ziolkowski said she always believed that Crazy Horse was stabbed on September 5, 1877, but died after midnight on September 6. Sprague said this is false information because his research shows that Crazy Horse died before midnight on September 5.

Sprague insists that he has the correct information and he believes Korczak Ziolkowski changed the date to coincide with his own birthday to make it appear that he was destined to carve Crazy Horse on the mountain.