Menominee Nation objects to use of Chief Oshkosh at mayor's bar
The Menominee Nation doesn't want the image or name of Chief Oshkosh associated with a new bar.

The tribe talked to Mayor Paul Esslinger of Oshkosh about the name of his bar. He wanted to call it "Chief Oshkosh Saloon" but went with "Old Oshkosh Saloon" instead.

Esslinger still wants to feature the chief in his bar. The tribe, and Oshkosh's descendants, oppose the move.

"Wisconsin has finally accepted the fact that the use of Indian names, logos and mascots in the Public School system causes irreparable harm to tribal people," two of the chief's great-great-granddaughters said in a letter, Fox 11 reported. "This was always done through insensitivity and ignorance. The use of Chief Oshkosh's name and image falls under this same venue and I want it stopped."

Chief Oshkosh led the tribe from 1827 until his death in 1858.

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