Peace pipe used by President Fillmore in 1852 returned to tribe
A peace pipe that was used in 1852 by President Millard Fillmore and Ojibwe Chief Buffalo, or Kechewaishke, has been recovered.

Buffalo and other tribal leaders went to Washington, D.C., to lobby against the loss of their lands and their forced removal from Wisconsin. A day after Buffalo presented the pipe to Fillmore, the president canceled the removal and ordered negotiations for a new treaty.

The pipe came back to Wisconsin but apparently went missing. Descendants of the pipe keeper recently found it and returned it to the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa.

The band plans to hold a community feast to share the pipe with other Ojibwe tribes.

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Peace pipe smoked by President and Chief Buffalo in 1852 returned to Red Cliff (KUWS 7/8)