NPR: Obama opens Promise Neighborhoods program to tribes
"When community activist Diana Buza read about plans to clone the Harlem Children's Zone with government funding, she said, "Count me in."

But she's far from Manhattan; Buza lives in Cortez, Colo., and runs The Pinon Project, which helps low-income residents — many of them Native American — learn how to be better parents and find health care and day care.

"When I read the Harlem project's success rate, it was something like 87 percent of the children involved improved increased their academic skills," Buza says. "I was like, 'That's a no brainer.' "

The Harlem Children's Zone is a widely-praised program that is fighting the effects of poverty in a poor section of New York City. Now, the Obama administration wants to spread this program around the country by giving out federal grants to so-called "Promise Neighborhoods." The program is trying to encourage rural and tribal communities to apply, but the areas face obstacles as they try to emulate a program that was developed to combat urban poverty."

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