Nelson Wallulatum, longtime Warm Springs leader, dies at 84
Nelson Wallulatum, a longtime leader of the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon, died on Sunday. He was 84.

Wallulatum was chief of the Wasco Indians, one of the tribes of the Warm Springs confederacy. He had served on the tribal council since 1959 and was one of three chiefs who serve for life.

"Everybody always wanted to hear what Nelson thought about things because he had such a wealth of knowledge and he knew the tribal constitution absolutely by heart," tribal attorney Dennis Karnopp told The Oregonian.. "He was a very bright man."

Wallulatum participated in every major tribal decision in the last 50 years. He was an advocate of tribal fishing rights, sought the return of the condor to Oregon and founded the Museum at Warm Springs.

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Wasco Chief Nelson Wallulatum dies after 50 years of leadership in the tribe (The Oregonian 6/15)