Blog: Catholic Radio Association opposes tribal set-aside
"The Catholic Radio Association has a serious problem with the Federal Communications Commission helping Native American tribes get more radio stations. That’s putting it mildly.

As we’ve reported, in Febuary the FCC ruled that Federally recognized Native American Tribes and Alaska Native Villages who apply for AM or FM radio stations will get ‘Tribal Priority’ (here’s the decision). Tribal Priority means precedence for their applications or for companies controlled by tribes that want to set up stations intended to serve tribal land areas.

Here’s some of CRA’s response:

“The CRA opposes a regulatory regime wherein descendants of the indigenous tribes living in pre-colonial America (for convenience, we reference such persons hereinafter as ‘American Indians’) are afforded a preference over descendants of ethnic, racial, or national identities less fashionable among elites.”"

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Catholic Radio blasts tribal preferences for radio licenses (Radio Survivor 5/5)