Letter: Leadership turmoil within Little Shell Chippewa Tribe
"It's sad the so-called standing council is a collection of people who will do as John Sinclair, who in my opinion acts like a dictator, says. I used to attend meetings regularly, but every time I or anyone asked questions he didn't like, we were not answered or we were told we were out-of-line.

As Little Shell members, we should be allowed to see how our money is being spent. He states he has open meetings, but not everyone is notified of them. As for the "Alliance," they are for the tribe. Sinclair has done all he can to eliminate anyone who questions him or what he does and tries to convice others they are bad news.

I would love to know more facts, but I am not in his circle and not allowed. He held an illegal election, appoints people he wants and delays elections. I have heard him say the Little Shell constitution is wrong when he was questioned.

Imagine if the U.S. president said he was delaying the presidential election! There is not a legal Little Shell counsel at this time. We all receive "stuff" in the mail for political elections, but we don't give permission for this and anyone can get names and addresses. Our personal information is being misused by the Alliance."

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Colleen Hill: It's our tribe (The Great Falls Tribune 3/26)

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