Editorial: Navajo substance abuse center holds promise
"Anticipation continues to grow as the new Navajo Regional Behavioral Health Center in Shiprock gains momentum.

The 56,000-square-foot facility is opening in phases and last month the facility welcomed its first adolescent patients.

While eight patients in a center that will be equipped to house 72 patients seems small, it is a huge step forward.

It the first American Indian-operated inpatient treatment center in the nation and expectations are high. This facility brings a lot of hope and needed treatment to the reservation.

Phasing in patients gives the staff and construction crew some time the prepare for full occupancy.

"I think there's excitement in being able to provide these services for the community and to help people out any way we can," Acting Clinical Director Vera John said.

"We're looking forward to everything filling up, everything falling into place." John said."

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