VOA News: First Nations represented at Olympics

"One of the Inuit people's native symbols is being used as the the logo for the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Members of the indigenous tribe live in some of the most beautiful and isolated parts of Canada. The Inuit and other native peoples of Canada's far northern region are making a special effort to introduce themselves to the world.

Canada's northernmost territories - Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut - cover more than 3.5 million square kilometers. But fewer than 100,000 people live there.

As part of their efforts to improve their exposure and relationships with people worldwide, the Inuit and other native peoples of the region are hosting Canada's Northern House in downtown Vancouver.

The facility opened in mid-January and has been a popular destination during the Winter Games. Northern House highlights life near the Arctic Circle and features exhibits on native clothing, hunting, music, mining and exploration."

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Canada's Native Tribes Showcased at Winter Olympics (Voice of America 2/19)

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