Miccosukee Tribe cuts sponsorship for NASCAR driver
The Miccosukee Tribe of Florida is no longer sponsoring NASCAR events or supporting NASCAR drivers.

Under former chairman Billy Cypress, the tribe sponsored all three of NASCAR's national tours and one driving team. But recently-elected Chairman Colley Billie apparently decided to go in another direction.

"All I really know is what's been out there, that Billy Cypress, the previous chief, was excited about racing -- he loved racing and wanted to do it," driver Kyle Busch told NASCAR.Com. "And when the new guy came in, he won the election apparently due to doing all this new, saving money campaign and saving this and saving that for the Indians and stuff. So he got voted in and the first order of business was to cut all expenses on stuff, and the NASCAR program was one of them."

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Busch loses Miccosukee as sponsor but presses on (NASCAR.Com 2/7)