Campbell Brown: 'Ridiculous' ICWA lets baby down
"As a mother, I can hardly bear to imagine what the Larson family is going through.

The Utah couple this past weekend said goodbye to the little boy they legally adopted six months ago.

The boy's name is Talon and when they took him in, they say he had drugs in his system, and that his birth mother had been declared unfit. They took care of the child, and have loved and cared for him for the last six months.

But this couple has now lost their son because the birth mother is part Native American.

So, a little boy is being taken away from loving parents who have cared for him for the last six months and put into tribal foster care because that is what the law says is the right thing to do.

To me, that is a ridiculous law.

If there is concern in the Native American community that children are being lost to the tribe through adoption because of unfit parents, then focus on strengthening your families so that your children won't be parentless."

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