Letter: Quechan Nation provides for its people
"I don't normally reveal my personal feelings or thoughts in a public forum such as this, but I feel it is necessary to speak up in support and gratitude for the Quechan Indian Tribe.

First off, I am not a tribal member. I am not American Indian. I am however married to a beautiful Indian girl who is a member of the tribe and we have produced two other little tribal members.

I don't know all the particulars of the tribe's inner financial workings, I personally feel the new resort is a good thing for a multitude of reasons, mostly for the money that will be put back into the tribe and the greater Yuma community at large.

Our family has had some very hard financial times throughout the years, and on many occasions, the tribal leadership has seen fit to assist us in dealing with those related problems, as they have seen fit to do with many other families. The help we have gotten has helped us immeasurably and cannot and will not be ignored. We want to thank the tribe for their gracious and invaluable assistance in this area."

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