San Manuel Chair: Tribe works with governments
"The San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians, a tribal government, recognizes that it has an important role within the San Bernardino region, which includes obligations to the local community. That is why the Tribe has entered into agreements with San Bernardino County law enforcement to provide the resources necessary to ensure that the entire San Manuel Indian Reservation remains a fun and safe place for Southern Californians to visit.

In addition, San Manuel has provided the Sheriff's Department and the county District Attorney's Office the funds to work with the neighborhoods surrounding the Reservation to ensure that community issues are addressed.

The public benefits of this innovative government-to-government partnership are clear: Because of this partnership and the financial support of San Manuel, the Sheriff's Department will continue to dedicate six deputies and one sergeant as a part of maintaining round-the-clock patrols of the San Manuel Reservation.

The San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office now has the resources and personnel it needs to prosecute crimes occurring on the reservation."

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San Manuel Chair James Ramos: Government cooperation at work (The San Bernardino Sun 11/7)

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