Editorial: Mashantucket voters looking for change
"The Mashantucket Pequots, who voted in tribal elections last Sunday, have a lot in common with voters across the country who went to the polls Tuesday angry and frustrated.

Americans were looking for a change. And so are the Mashantucket Pequots.

Tribal members are upset because they feel disenfranchised and disrespected. They believe the seven-member Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Council has too much power and too little accountability. So members voted to unseat longtime councilor and current Vice Chairman Kenneth M. Reels and replace him with newcomer James Jackson.

The Mashantucket members have legitimate concerns. Their tribal constitution puts all the power in the hands of the council. Members want to create a judicial branch to provide a check and balance. A constitution review committee, composed of two members each from the 11 Mashantucket family lines, suggested reforms that the tribal council ignored. The council also ignored recommendations from tribal elders."

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Editorial: Mashantucket Ire (The New London Day 11/5)

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