Column: 'Visionary' Pequot leader eyes property
"Ever since Skip Hayward, creator of the Foxwoods juggernaut, dropped out of sight some years back, driven into political exile by contrary factions of his beloved Mashantucket Pequot tribe, I've come to think of him as our own Howard Hughes.

Instead of a hermetically sealed penthouse in Las Vegas, though, I've pictured Hayward holed up in his waterfront house on Noank's Morgan Point, maybe nursing some grudges and musing about where things went wrong.

Many old friends, colleagues, even family members have reported over the years that Hayward seemed to disappear.

And then, kaboom, like a bolt of lightning out of the recession-darkened skies over southeastern Connecticut, comes the news this week from Preston First Selectman Robert Congdon that Hayward is planning to submit a bid to develop the Norwich Hospital property.

Congdon told reporters he even gave a tour of the property Tuesday to the reclusive former Pequot chairman."

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