Editorial: Montana Republicans try to suppress turnout
"The state of Montana, through its legislators and other elected officials, has taken important steps in recent years to encourage citizens to exercise their right to vote.

So it was a shock last week for Montanans to learn that the state Republican Party has launched a last-minute scheme to discourage thousands of people from voting. It's no coincidence that the 6,000 Montana voters the GOP challenged all are registered in counties that historically have had Democratic majorities.

Now in the busiest time in the four-year election cycle, county officials are forced to respond to this partisan political maneuver. The voters challenged by the GOP will get a letter from their county election officials telling them that their eligibility has been challenged and instructing them to reply by filling out a form that has to include their notarized signature.

No Montanan who is eligible to vote on Nov. 4 should be deterred by political shenanigans. Those who receive the challenge letters initiated by the GOP ought to make a point of voting. We suggest that they encourage their friends, family and neighbors to vote, too."

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Gazette Opinion: GOP tries to reduce voter turnout (The Billings Gazette 10/7)

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