Editorial: Improvement needed in Indian education
"The New Mexico Department of Education is winning half the battle: More American Indian students are enrolling in college.

But they're not staying for the long haul.

That's part of the battle we cannot afford to lose.

According to an Education Department study released earlier this summer, more American Indians are earning associate degrees and certificates in New Mexico than in any other state. Those numbers drop off for students attaining four-year or graduate degrees.

Secretary of Higher Education Reed Dasenbrock said the percentage of graduate and professional degrees attained by American Indian Students is roughly 40 percent of where it should be.

New Mexico has made strides. The number of those American Indians attaining bachelor's degrees has increased 34 percent from 204 in 1998 to 273 in 2007.

It is not enough."

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Editorial: American Indian education improving, but not enough (The Farmington Daily Times 8/26)

New Mexico Report:
American Indian Students in Higher Education and the Indian Education Act, Tribal Higher Education Commission (June 19, 2008)

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