Editorial: More money for Indian law and order
"The police surge on Standing Rock, by all accounts, has been a rousing success.

Dozens of police have spent the past two months on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North and South Dakota, responding to a growing lawlessness.

More than a thousand arrests have been made, and Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of Justice Services Director Patrick Ragsdale announced last week that the number of officers on the reservation would stay at surge levels for an extra month, through the end of September.

That's good news. But if this model is going to work on other reservations where crime rates are frighteningly high, tribes need to be able to hold and, eventually, incarcerate those who are arrested.

But when the federal government is $8.4 billion behind in renovations and expansions of jails in Indian Country, it's almost impossible to do something that should be fundamental: send criminals to jail."

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