Letter: Soboba chairman wrong to criticize sheriff
"Who does the tribal “chairman” think he is? What a dumb reference that this isn't the 1800s. No kidding, it is the 21st century.

And if he studied his history correctly, the cavalry mistreated and slaughtered Indians. I don't think the sheriff will do that. What a poor comparison.

Good for the sheriff to stand up for his county that he has been chosen to protect and he believes in something and not politics. Good for him. So now the chairman is stating that the “sheriff” is mistreating his tribe like the cavalry? The tribal chairman should be careful on those words and use a better analogy then something that doesn't make sense or say nothing at all. It just shows his ignorance."

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Chris Kane: Tribal sovereignty, don't attack the sheriff (The Palm Springs Desert Sun 8/7)

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