Editorial: Find solution for Navajo Internet service
"The hits keep coming for the Navajo Nation government and, unfortunately, it's the Navajo people who are taking the direct blows.

Since April, the Navajo have had a question mark hanging over their heads when it comes to Internet service, and even had to go without in April because of money woes that seem unending for the tribe.

A shutdown would be harmful.

The start of school is around the corner, and children need the Internet for homework.

Most important, the tribe's emergency services network, though not paid for through the E-rate program, would be disrupted.

Many Navajos cannot afford to drive an hour to get Internet service elsewhere. They shouldn't have to do that. And they shouldn't have to worry about their safety being jeopardized.

The Nation has to take more care in choosing who it teams when it comes to providing services for its people."

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Editorial: Solutions must be found for Navajo Internet troubles (The Farmington Daily Times 7/25)

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