Letter: Crow leaders not sharing information
"The Crow tribal constitution requires the executive branch to prepare complete financial reports for the Crow legislative branch on a quarterly basis and biannual reports for the Crow Tribal General Council. The Carl Venne administration has not held a Crow Tribal General Council meeting or presented the complete financial reports to tribal members as required by Section 4 of the constitution of the Crow Tribe. Is it afraid to disclose to its members how much money is coming to the tribe and where it is being spent?

The Venne administration does not have a land purchase program in place. There are a large number of tribal members who are being forced to sell their land to non-Indians because the administration will not devote sufficient funds to keep the land in tribal ownership. The current administration boasts of acquiring land off the reservation at the same time it ignores the decreasing amount of trust land inside the reservation."

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Burton Pretty On Top Sr: Crow administration short on information (The Billings Gazette 7/15)

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