Editorial: Tribes combat drugs and gang violence
"The San Manuel, Morongo and Soboba tribes are banding with Native American leaders from as far away as Canada to come up with ways to reduce gang and drug crimes on their reservations - an admirable admission that problems exist and good first step toward fixing them.

These are challenging times for many tribes, which, thanks to gaming, find themselves with riches beyond their wildest dreams, and all the problems that go with that. These include rising drug-related crimes and gang activity, which threaten both the tribes' livelihood and quality of life.

"We just decided we have to declare a war on drugs on our Indian country," said Robert "Bobby" Salgado, chairman of the Soboba Band of Luise o Indians in Hemet. "We tribal leaders need to stand up and address the issue instead of putting it aside."

In May, 40 tribal leaders from as far away as Canada met at the San Manuel Reservation near Highland in the first of several meetings the new coalition is planning. Their focus is on developing intervention and prevention programs for tribal youth, including incentives for them to earn their high school diplomas or GEDs. "

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Editorial: Tribes take stand against crime (Inland Newspapers 5/31)

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