Things NEVER to say to an Indian co-worker
"Societal concerns over the proper way to address American Indians are not new. You may hesitate over calling someone an American Indian rather than a Native American, though our sources prefer American Indian (after their tribal identification). But what else might you say that would be offensive? Take a look at these 9 things you should NEVER say to an American Indian colleague.

"Hey, Chief"
Unless the person you are addressing is actually chief of a tribe or nation, and you are aware of that fact, calling an American Indian "chief" can be insulting.

While there are different opinions as to the exact meaning and origin of the word "squaw," that doesn't give you free license to use it with American Indians, male or female. The word is believed to have come from the Algonquian Indian term for "woman," but it began taking on derogatory meanings as early as the 19th century, and many now see it as a reference to a woman's sexual organs.

"How Indian are you?"
Just as you wouldn't ask a Black person how "Black" he or she is, it's insensitive to ask how Indian someone is."

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