Opinion: Shameful attacks on Blue Lake Rancheria
"Many of us throughout Humboldt have read recent letters and articles in which the Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe has been portrayed in a negative light.

To those very vocal few: Shame on you. It is one thing to have an issue with the tribe. It is quite another to willfully mislead and border on hate speech.

I am one of those “blonde-haired, green-eyed” tribal members with “sharp features” who is being judged not by an objective, complete look at my actions but by the color of my hair and skin.

I am tired of the small-minded, racist comments made about my tribe, its citizens and its business decisions. But, of course, it's easier to criticize than be productive, and we are used to the ravings of a few pathetic, bigoted zealots who have more time on their hands than sense.

More disturbing are the actions that have ensued (or not) from some of these ravings."

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Mandi Lewis: Attacks against Blue Lake tribe shameful (The Eureka Times-Standard 4/27)