Column: Five Natives on South Dakota delegate list
"Registering as a Democrat was an easy choice when it came time for Matt Thompson, 18, a Watertown High School senior, to designate his political preference.

He is one of five Native Americans whose names will appear on the June 3 Democratic Party primary ballot. The popular vote will determine which delegates and alternates will represent their party at the Democratic National Convention Aug. 25-28 in Denver.

"I am a Democrat because I believe Democrats have the best chance we have in improving the country, especially for middle-class Americans," he said. Thompson was chosen as the ninth delegate on the Barack Obama slate.

The genesis of his support for Obama comes from his time as U.S. Senate page.

"I was around Senator Clinton, Senator Obama and Senator McCain during that time. At first I wasn't impressed with Obama, but in time, I saw how he reflected the values and morals I have," he said.

Obama's position on health care, including the Indian health care budget, was a factor in that choice."

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