Mike Graham: Responding to Sen. Obama's speech
"Barack Obama's speech on race was flat-lined and he even managed to deliver himself a left punch to the chin. Obama's speech hit rock bottom when he spoke about his "White" grandmothers fear of a black man walking behind her on a street.

American women should be outraged over Obama's statement. No matter what race a woman is, she has every right to be concerned of any man following behind her no matter what race he is without being stereotyped as racist. Obama is fully aware of what women have to deal with on America's streets from criminals.

Everyday women have to look over their shoulder walking down a street for fear of being beaten, raped or killed. This fact has been a reality in the past for American women and it's even worse in our lifetime today because of the growing presence of street gangs.

While Americans were outraged over Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. statements about White people and America as a whole; nothing was covered in the national press about what effects Rev. Wright's racial hate words have on young children in that church and community. Rev. Wright's inflammatory words are fuel and ammunition for America's biggest problem and that's race-hate street gangs. Still Obama sees fit to call Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. a dear friend.

Racism has no color and it's a two way street for anyone willing to go down that street. Any American running for president of the United States should not only denounce it; they should not associate with people preaching it, let alone call them a friend."

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Native American response to Obama speech on race and Rev. Wright Jr. (The American Chronicle 3/25)

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