Letter: Indian mascots aren't always offensive
"Is an American Indian demeaning as mascot?

It seems the ongoing controversy of what name the Kelseyville High School mascot may take that the field has been argued from the point of view that since it refers to a stereotype of Native American peoples, it is somehow demeaning and abusive of native Americans.

I, as a former Marine, an American of Italian and Portuguese descent, a Roman Catholic private school graduate have seen and lived with many stereotype references as I grew to manhood. The majority of stereotypical depictions, were meant to be demeaning, yet here I am unbent, unbroken by past taunts and references. Not all stereotypical depictions are demeaning, and in the case of Kelseyville, try as I might I see no intent to demean. I do see a stereotype that references strong, brave, courageous attributes.

I see no attempt that marginalizes any group of people. All the reading I have seen on the matter focuses on one individual, a self-proclaimed injured party. The picture of him on the front page reminded me of pictures I have seen over and over again of a radical fringe that inhabits all civilized societies. Especially when on that very same front page, I see a picture of a Kelseyville family clean shaven,

If the controversy persists and an entire community remains cowed by the efforts of one lone individual, maybe Kelseyville doesn't deserve a mascot of any kind. Henceforth, take the field as the Kelseyville Zero's that way you are sure not to offend anyone. Has anyone polled the Native American population living in and around Kelseyville? I really think this should be done."

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